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Welcome to the website for the Swedish Visa Application Centre

The Embassy of Sweden is pleased to announce the opening of their Visa Application Centre operated by VFS Global Services Private Limited in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad,Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore & Kolkata. This site provides information on procedures applicable to all country nationals who wish to apply for a Visa to travel to Sweden.

The visa applications are to be submitted at the Swedish Visa Application Centre at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad,Pune, Bangalore & Kolkata in accordance with the Jurisdiction specified. All applications will be assessed by The Embassy of Sweden, located in New Delhi.

The VAC shall receive visa applications from residents of the Indian Union and any other country nationals.

Schengen Common Information


In Nepal, Sweden is represented by Denmark in Schengen issues and Denmark has authority to issue short stay visas on behalf of Sweden.

All Nepalese passport holders are therefore requested to apply for Swedish Visa at the Danish Visa Application Center located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Swedish visa applications can only be accepted in India for Nepalese citizens residing in India or are legally present in India if justified reason for lodging the application can be presented.

For Prospective Applicants

Applicants, who wish to apply for a Visa, are requested to kindly read the information on this site carefully. The guidelines listed on this site are to help you prepare your documents as accurately as possible. This will reduce the chances of your application being incomplete or not being processed.

The Swedish Visa Application Centre would accept applications for Tourist, Relative/Friend, Business, Conference and Transit Visa categories maximum of 90 days duration, in a six months period, for submission at The Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi.

Please note that you may be required to appear before a Visa Officer at The Embassy of Sweden prior to a decision being taken on your application. The Visa Application Centre shall help you to take an appointment for the same.

If You Have Already Applied

Applicants who have already applied for a Visa can Track Your Application using our visa application tracker service.

Physically challenged applicants are requested to contact our helpline prior to visiting our centre to submit your application so that we may offer you the best possible assistance.

Applicants are required to read the Security guidelines carefully which would in turn increase their convenience at VFS.

Please click here to view the new application procedure.
How to Apply

Submission of Visa application and collection of passports can be done by the following:
Travel Agents

In order to improve the quality of visa applications submitted to the Embassy of Sweden through its External Service Provider VFS, the Embassy is introducing an accreditation of travel agents. Starting from the 1st of March 2014 only accredited travel agents will be allowed to submit applications on behalf of the applicant to any of the seven VFS Swedish Visa Application Centres in India. Other representatives will not be allowed apart from parents submitting applications on behalf of their under aged children. A list of the accredited travel agents will be available on the Embassy of Sweden and VFS website.

The accreditation process will not affect the applications submitted directly to the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi nor will it affect applicants wishing to submit their applications in person at any of the VFS Visa Application Centres. All applicants wishing to submit the application directly to the Embassy will still be required to apply in person.

Accredited Travel Agents List

In case a representative and Travel Agents comes to submit the application or collect the passport s/he needs to carry a photo id and an authority letter from the applicant.

Processing Time:

Processing of visa application through VFS will be given priority by the Embassy and the processing time is usually 10 to 12 calendar days from the day the application was submitted to VFS in New Delhi. Please note that applications submitted to other VFS-offices than New Delhi will take another two days due to postal delivery.

Applicants can instantly track the status of their application by clicking on Track your Application or by sending a SMS to VISA SE passport number to 57333. There will be no need to follow up with the Embassy or the Call Centre to ascertain when the passport will be returned.

Applicable Charges

Please note the visa fee for Swedish visa is payable only in cash.

There will be a service charge of Rs 1345/- by VFS (inclusive of Service tax) levied per application over and above the visa fees. In case you would like your passport couriered to your specified address, you can request of this facility at the time of submitting your application. This optional service is available for an additional fee of Rs.300/- (inclusive of Service tax). The service charge and the courier fee is payable in cash at the time of submitting your application. A compulsory courier charge of Rs. 510/- is charged if the application is submitted in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore,Hyderabad, Pune or Kolkata Visa Application Centre for transporting the visa application to the Sweden Embassy in New Delhi and returning the processed passport back.

Medical Insurance
All applicants, applying for a Swedish visa will be required to fill a Medical Insurance declaration form in addition to the visa application form.

All applicants while applying for a visa will be required to have overseas travel medical insurance valid for all Schengen countries. The insurance has to cover the applicant at least for 30,000 Euros or equivalent for all risks, e.g. accident, illness, medical emergency evacuation, repatriation, etc. The policy has to clearly specify the period of validity and has to cover the entire duration of the trip including the date of arrival and departure.

Click on respective purpose of travel from the links below for more details:
Tourist: Is applicable in case you are traveling for tourism.
Relative/Friend: Is applicable in case you are travelling to visit relatives or friends.
Business: Is applicable in case you are traveling on business / company meeting. This visa is given for travel of maximum of 90 days in a six months period.
Conference: Is applicable in case you are travelling to attend a seminar, conference or workshop.
Transit: Is applicable in case you are taking a stopover for five hours or more and less than 5 days. A transit visa enables the holder to leave the airport in case of a long wait between connecting flights or in cases where an immediate connection is not available.
If You Have Already Applied

Applicants who have already applied for a Visa can Track Your Application using our visa application tracker service.


Children under 18 traveling without one or both parents or without a legal guardian must provide an affidavit for travel signed by both parents or by the parent or legal guardian not traveling and also a copy of passport's 1st and last page of parent.